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Art's Way 6105 CATTLEMAXX




Mixing Tank

Art’s Way’s 6105 Grinder Mixer features a 105 bushel mixing tank rated at 2.5 tons.

  • 4 Large Inspection Windows
  • Mixing Auger 12 inch diameter



  • 20 inch, 10 inch diameter rolls
  • Sharp or Flat Grooves
  • 1:1 or 1:1.12 Roll Speed Differential


Trough Style Auger Feeder

A trough style auger feeder provides more room for cob feeding.

  • 10 inch diameter
  • 100 inches long


Discharge Auger

Operated with tractor hydraulics or mechanical lifts.

  • Auger Tube has a 10 inch diameter
  • Horizontal operating arc: 225º
  • Vertical operating arc: +46º to -27º or +60º to -11º
  • 10 feet long
  • Optional Auger Extensions


Hydraulic System

  • Mechanical Lift & Swing with Mechanical Discharge
  • Hydraulic Lift & Swing with Mechanical Discharge
  • Hydraulic Lift & Swing with Hydraulic Discharge


Drive System

  • 540 RPM Implement Driveline


Supplement Hopper

  • 21 inches x 24 inches
  • 7 inch diameter auger


Which Rolls Do I Need?

Choose your 20″ roll type to achieve your desired grind.  Check out this post to help you pick the rolls.

  • 5 Groove Flat
  • 7 Groove Flat
  • 10 Groove Flat
  • 5 Groove Sharp
  • 7 Groove Sharp
  • 10 Groove Sharp
Model CATTLE MAX 6105
Tank Capacity 105 bushel (13.7 cu ft.)
P.T.O. Drive 540 RPM
Horse Power Requirement 40-100 HP
Feeder Gravity Hopper or Auger Feeder
Auger Feeder Length 96 inches
Auger Feeder Auger Diameter 10 inches
Auger Feeder type Mechanical or Hydraulic
Roller width 20 inch
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12 inch flighting / 13 inch tube / 24 inch base
Discharge Auger Tube Diameter 8 inch
Discharge Auger Type Mechanical or Hydraulic
Tires 10 x 15 8 ply rib implement
Supplement Hopper 21 x 24 inch
Shipping Dimensions  
Tank Height 106 inches
Overall Width 95 inches
Overall Length 170 inches
Approx. Weight 3540 pounds
Ground Clearance 10 inches

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