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Art's Way 6140 CATTLEMAXX




Mixing Tank

Art’s Way’s 6140 CATTLEMAXX features a 140 bushel mixing tank rated at 3 tons.

  • 5 Large Inspection Windows
  • Nonslip Ladder
  • Mixing Auger 12 inch diameter



  • 20 inch, 10 inch diameter rolls
  • Sharp or Flat Grooves
  • 1:1 or 1:1.12 Roll Speed Differential


Trough Style Auger Feeder

A trough style auger feeder provides room for cob feeding.

  • 10 inch diameter
  • 100 inches long


Discharge Auger

Operated with tractor hydraulics for up down and swing movement.

  • Auger Tube has a 10 inch diameter
  • Horizontal operating arc: 225º
  • Vertical operating arc: +46º to -27º or +60º to -11º
  • 10 feet long
  • Optional Auger Extensions


Hydraulic System

  • Tractor Hydraulic System


Supplement Hopper

  • 21 inches x 24 inches
  • 7 inch diameter auger


Which Rolls Do I Need?

Choose your 20″ roll type to achieve your desired grind.  Check out this post to help you pick the rolls.

  • 5 Groove Flat
  • 7 Groove Flat
  • 10 Groove Flat
  • 5 Groove Sharp
  • 7 Groove Sharp
  • 10 Groove Sharp
Model CATTLE MAXX 6140
Tank Capacity 140 bushel (173.2 cu ft.)
P.T.O. Drive 540 RPM
Horse Power Requirement 40-100 HP
Feeder Gravity Hopper or Auger Feeder
Auger Feeder Length  
Auger Feeder Auger Diameter  
Auger Feeder type Hydraulic
Roller width 20 inch
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12 inch flighting / 13 inch tube / 24 inch base
Discharge Auger Tube Diameter 8 inch
Discharge Auger Type Hydraulic
Tires 13.5 x 16.1 8 ply
Supplement Hopper 21 x 24 inch
Shipping Dimensions  
Tank Height 112 inches
Overall Width 110 inches
Overall Length 170 inches
Approx. Weight 4500 pounds
Ground Clearance 10 inches

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