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Art's Way SRM 30


Stationary Roller Mill SRM 30


Tuf Cast rolls provide consistent and uniform feeding

Tuf Cast RollsThe big 10 in. diameter cast iron rolls are heat-treated to give a hard surface and a tough unbreakable core.Roll replacement is easy with our heavy duty split cast housings design. The cast housings are bored to exact dimensions, keeping the rolls in parallel position.Art’s-Way offers flat or sharp groove roll designs. The flat groove roll ensures proper grain crimping or cracking. Sharp rove rolls increase mil capacity while achieving desired micron particle sizes. The choice of 1:1.12 roll speed differential allows more cleaning action.The eccentric adjustment of rollers maintains a more accurate spacing than spring-loaded rolls. Roll settings can be changed in seconds.



Set the rolls and they say in the same position. Rolls don’t spread apart when overloaded and let wholegrain through. The eccentric adjustment and shear on the adjustable roll protect the mill against overloading.


Uniform Feeding

An agitator assures uniform feeding of grain into the rolls and moves through straw or other obstacles that might block grain from flowing into the hopper opening.


Easy unload auger

8 in. diameter and 10 ft. long discharge auger with tilt pivot with either side of the portable rollermill for ease of use and convenience.

Rolls 10x30
Drives- Min. HP Required (PTO) (Electric) 30-60 HP (20-30 HP)
Width - Basic Mill 54 1/2 in.
Floor Area 48x52 in.
Height (Approx.)* 48 in.
Weight (Approx. basic mill w/hopper) 1890 lbs.
Note: Height is based with bottom discharge units and commercial hoppers (except 10" Rollermill height is based using flare hopper) 

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