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Great Plains Exacta TL GEOspread 3900

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Fertilizer Spreader Exacta TL GEOspread 3900


Stable Disc RPM

In addition to the discharge point adjustment, the stable disc RPM helps to maintain the spreading pattern.

Quick and Accurate Section Control

There are two discs in each unit, and two actuators in each disc. One controls the discharge point and the other controls the application rate for even, complete, and accurate section control. Working widths are divided into small 6.5' sections. Each section can be switched inside-out and outside-in to keep overlaps to a minimum.

EasySet (only available with the Tellus terminal)

The compact EasySet “dashboard” simplifies the setting and adjustment of application rates. Two metering plates—each with three discharge openings —ensure an equal flow of fertilizer from the hopper to the spreading discs.

Easy-to-Operate Tellus Terminal

Operator terminals are easy to use and are designed for ergonomic user comfort. The monitor includes intuitive menus with “plug and play” principles and the EasySet “dashboard” makes setting changes simple and frustration-free. The terminal allows the operator to adjust working width and application rate for both discs, individually, without leaving the tractor cab. And, because the Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 is 100% ISOBUS compatible, it can work with any ISOBUS terminal that is AEF certified.

CentreFlow Spreading System

The CentreFlow Spreading System allows smooth acceleration of the fertilizer, prevents fragmentation of the granules due to the impact of the vanes, and eliminates dust. A horizontal throw minimizes wind influence, while maintaining precise overlap in both hilly and flat conditions. The system handles the granules gently so the fertilizer’s spreading characteristics are not compromised.

MODELS Exacta TL GEOspread 3900
WIDTH 114"
EMPTY WEIGHT (lbs.) 1,752
SPREAD WIDTH 39' 4" - 177' 2"
OUTPUT (lbs./min.) 22 - 706

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