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M5660S M5L-111-SN

Not a current model


Updated Engine Features

The M5L has an updated V-3800 Tier IV engine which has a common rail fuel system, intercooler, exhaust gas recirculation, and employs a diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction for minimized emissions. Additionally, it has an increased alternator capacity (45A to 60A), larger radiator, larger diameter cooling fan, and RPM memory for repetitive actions.

Redesigned Operator Station

To promote operator efficiency all controls are conveniently located on the right side. The floor pedals have been adjusted for better comfort, and the floor area has been increased along with ergonomic steps.


High productivity requires versatility, such as traveling at low or sustained speeds. This tractor’s transmission has 12F x 12R speed, with six speeds in two ranges. The shuttle shift is electric over hydraulic and is guarded against intrusion. The 540/540E PTO is standard.

Improved Hydraulics

The M5L has 2 standard rear remote valves and an optional third remote and/or flow control valve. It offers 2 self-cancelling detent valves. With 15.7 GPM flow, this tractor is ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves.

Standard Shielding

Solid steel sloping hood and fenders reduce crop damage. Steel shields for the fuel and DEF tanks are standard. Additionally, the operators console, left foot area, and clutch area are shielded from heat and potential obstacles. The electro-hydraulic shuttle lever is shielded to reduce impact from limbs, as is the down exhaust system and hood intake.

Kubota M5L111 specs

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