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Guardian Front Boom Sprayers SP.240F (PRIOR MODEL)

Not a current model


Step into a new Guardian Front Boom Sprayer from New Holland and you won’t look back. The advantages of a front mount boom are many. With a front boom, you get the best of all views and never need to turn in your seat to monitor spraying action. Nozzles are located behind the boom, so you are given a complete, unrestricted view of every nozzle. Along with other features, the new cab offers more lighting and larger windows, improving visibility. With such good visibility, you can run the boom closer to the ground to control drift. Spray is delivered into the crop before the tires go over it, eliminating the potential for dust to neutralize the spray.





Make / Displacement Liter

Cummins QSB / 6.7 / Tier III

Rated Power (hp) (kW)

240 (179) / 275 (205) optional

Alternator (Amp)


Fuel Tank Capacity (U.S. gal) (L)

150 (568)
Drive Train  

Transmission / Type

Hydrostatic drive with Twin Sundstran heavy duty pumps

Speed Ranges

5 speed

Wheel Motors

Poclain® Direct Drive MW14 (front) and MS18 Dyna Plus with choice of cams in rear

Service Brakes

4 wheel internal wet disc

Parking Brakes

All 4 wheels

Wheel Drive

4 wheel drive

Leg Profile / Clearance (in) (mm)

Narrow 18 (457) profile, 72 (1829) clearance

Ground Speed w/ std. tires (mph) (kph)

0 to 29 (47)

1st Range (mph) (kph)

13 (21)

2nd Range (mph) (kph)

15 (24)

3rd Range (mph) (kph)

18 (29)

4th Range (mph) (kph)

22.5 (36)

5th Range (mph) (kph)

29 (47)
Aux Hydraulics  

System Capacity (gpm) (lpm)

31 (117) or 51 (193) option


Closed center, pressure compensated, Eaton pump with 2700 psi operating pressure


100,000 psi High Strength steel

Cab Mount

Front Mount Cab

Tank Mount

Mid Mount Tank

Engine Mount

Rear Mount Engine


Hydraulic with accumulators

Front (in) (mm)

20 (508) (10 (254) up / 10 down)

Rear (in) (mm)

20 (508) (10 (254) up / 10 down)

Tire Options

380/90R46 - 520/85R38 - 320/90R50 - 380/90R50 - 650/75R38



Turning Radius (ft)(m)

15 (4.6)

Track Width (in) (mm)

120 (3048) to 160 (4064), spread equal side to side

Wheel Tread Adjustment from Cab

Standard equipment hydraulic adjust

Wheel Base (in)(mm)

153 (3886)

Crop Clearance with Standard Tires (in)(mm)

72 (1829)

Overall Chassis Length (ft)(m)

28.2 (8.6)

Overall Width (in)(mm)

12.8 (325)

Weight and Balance Front to Back


Dry Weight lbs (kg)

25,550 (11589)


13.2 (335)
Liquid System  

Tank Capacity (US Gal)(Liter)

1000 (3785) or 1200 (4543) cross mounted

Polyethylene Tank

1000 (3785) or 1200 (4543)

Stainless Steel Tank (US Gal)(Liter)

1000 (3785) or 1200 (4543)

Tank Agitation

Poly - ventrury style or SS- sparge tube

Rinse Tank Capacity (US Gal, inch)(Liter, mm)

150 US gallon (568) with 2" (51) quick fill

Rinse System

Manual or electric

Chemical Eductor (US gallon) (Liter)

Optional 3.6 (14) SS w/ rinse system

Fast Fill (in) (mm)

2 (51); 3 (76) optional

Make / Model

Hypro 9306C Standard

Gpm (gpl)

Up to 220 (833) at the pump

High Flow Option

Hypro 9307C up to 310 (1174)

Make and Model Standard

Raven SCS 5000, Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro XL, Viper Pro, Intelliview IV

Flow Control

RFM 60 / Optional RFM 100


Optional (Intellisteer Kit)

Boom Height Control

Raven Powerglide Plus touchdown wheel, or Ultraglide Ultrasonic
Rate Control System  

Make and Model Standard.

Raven SCS 5000, Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro XL, Viper Pro, Intelliview IV

Flow Control.

RFM 60 / Optional RFM 100


Optional (Intellisteer Kit)

Boom Height Control.

Raven Powerglide Plus touchdown wheel, or Ultraglide Ultrasonic

Boom Mount

Front Mount, 100% visibility

Width Options (ft)

90/60, 100/60, 120/70

Height Adjustment (in)(mm)

22 (559) – 118 (2997)


On the secondary boom wing

Boom Pipes (in) (mm)

1 (25) stainless steel

Nozzle Bodies Center (in)(mm)

15 (381) or 20 (508)

Nozzle Bodies

3 way, 5 way, 3+1

Electric Fence Line Spray Nozzle



5 sect. (10 section option)

Suspension Nitrogen Accumulators



50 or Optional 80 mesh y-strainer

Boom (In line Filters)

Optional 50 or 100 mesh
Foam Marker  

Capacity (US Gal)(Liter)

Foam injection uses 150 (568)rinse water, holds 6 (23) of foam concentrate

Air Compressor Standard

Engine driven

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