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Kuhn VTC 2100 Stationary for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Kuhn VTC 2100 Stationary for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Cone-Style Auger & Kicker Design

Cone-style augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The smooth, continuous auger flighting (1) creates a rolling feed action that improves mixing. The top cover of the auger has a steep angle to aid in bale movement when processing round bales and to prevent feed from sitting on top of the auger between mixes. The swept back, bolt-on kicker (2) provides a fast and even discharge. The new kicker mount design is stronger and built to withstand the harshest resistance. Each lead flight is equipped with a cast iron scraper (3) that pulls material away from the tub walls into the auger for a better overall mix. Both the kicker and scraper are bolt-on attachments, making replacement very easy to save you precious time.

Hardened Knives

Large, 15” or 20”, replaceable hay cutting knives are available to best handle the material to be processed. The knives have two positions to adjust the aggressiveness of the knife angle. Versatility of knife length, angle and position allow for an optimal setting with a wide variety of ration ingredients.

  • A: Knife set in for slicing and cutting
  • B: Knife set out for grabbing and tearing


Efficient Mixing Chamber

Straighter sides, smoother curves and steeper baffles help promote a fast, complete mix for a fluffy, palatable ration. No preprocessing or special loading is required for round or square bales making it easy to load and use. Faster auger speeds also provide quicker, more complete cleanout.

Adjustable Hay Stops

The adjustable hay stops provide flexibility in processing to provide you with the cut length necessary to reach the optimal nutritional value you’re striving for. This adjustability makes hay processing more efficient and helps minimize overprocessing.

Large Unloading Doors

For unmatched feed flow, these mixers feature the largest discharge door available in the industry. The discharge linkage allows for rapid opening and closing of the door.


Patented Split Drive

The patented drive system on the VTC 200 Series trailers consists of a 2-speed, split-drive gearbox, two planetary gearboxes and two torque-disconnect PTOs. This system provides reliable performance and long service life with a simple and quiet design.

  • 2-Speed Split-Drive Gearbox
    The 2-speed, split-drive gearbox provides the flexibility of high and low speeds without adding another gearbox. It allows for a lower horsepower and easier starting speed (28 rpm in low) while also having a high speed for fast mixing and more complete cleanout (41 rpm in high). The gearbox can be shifted manually on the machine or with an in-cab electric shift option for operator convenience. 
  • Heavy-Duty Gearboxes
    The twin planetaries are designed to provide dependable performance and long life. The drive systems allow the use of single-stage planetaries, which produces far less heat for easier cooling. VTC planetary gearboxes are the heaviest and strongest in this mixer class and are designed to run up to 24 hours a day.
  • Torque-Disconnect PTOs
    Two automatically resetting torque-disconnect PTOs provide independent protection for each planetary. This helps guard against obstructions encountered by each individual auger, ensuring reliable service and longer life.


Easy Accessibility

Easily pull the planetary from the top of the mixer for improved and easier service. This easy accessibility is especially helpful for truck mount models as it does not require dismounting the mixer from the chassis.

Truck Drive

VTC 200 Series truck mounts now feature an inline planetary, making a simple, straight turck drive compared to the 2-speed, split drive on the previous models. The removal of the 2-speed gearbox allows for the planetaries to be dropped down further within the truck frame, lowering the overall loading height of the front door truck mixers by 4 inches!

A self-compensating drive with a new variable displacement hydraulic motor automatically maximizes auger speeds according to the torque on the augers. This system provides the convenience and flexibility to run the mixer at a wide range of speeds to meet processing, mixing, and clean-off needs. Front Engine PTO (FEPTO) or Rear Engine PTO (REPTO) configurations are available in both 12-volt and 24-volt systems.

A cooling & filtration system works between the hydraulic pump, reservoir, fans, and planetary gearboxes to constantly cool the oil throughout the system. The continuous synthetic oil flow goes in a complete loop from pump to cooling system to hydraulic block and back to pump. When oil comes out of the motor, a small amount of oil filters to the planetary gearboxes to cool planetary oil as well. With running this cooling and filtration system, we do not require a break-in oil change, this lengthens out the service interval to 3,500 hours.

Improved Truck Drive Controls

New KUHN truck mount controls provide an ergonomic advantage for vertical mixer control.  Operators can control both the augers and discharge with a single joystick.  For ease of maintenance an external fuse box provides easy access to fuses and relays.  Auxiliary power capability is available in the new wiring harness, an easy power source for scale indicators.


Fully Welded Tub Design

The completely welded body provides superior strength and durability for long life. The heavy-duty, reinforced floor and body help ensure dependable service and long life.

Rugged Undercarriage

The straight, single axle is ideal for farms with paved surfaces and sharp turns. The walking, tandem bogie is recommended for farms with uneven terrain. Both axle systems are located under the tub for decreased tread width to keep the tires from running over the feed.

DuraMix™ Extended-Wear Components

DuraMix extended wear components help ensure dependable service and long life, even under the heaviest-use cycles. These include standard stainless steel liner sides, higher carbon steel on the baffles and high-wear augers for all KUHN Knight VTC 100 Series mixers. For additional wear protection, optional baffle liners are also available.

Floor Options

A thick floor helps to maintain solid structure of the mixer throughout many hours of mixing. On VTC models there are two floor options, a standard 1” thick, mild steel floor, or an optional ¾” thick, mild steel floor with a ¼” stainless steel liner.  Each floor option is dependable, reinforced, and built for heavy loads and long life.


Capacity 1,000 ft³ (28.3 m³)
Capacity with Extensions 1,100 ft³ (31.1 m³)
Maximum Net load 33,000 lbs (14,969 kg)
Overall Height 120" (305 cm)
Overall Height - With Hay Retention Ring 126" (320 cm)
Overall Height - 10" (25 cm) Belt Extensions 128" (325 cm)
Overall Length 294" (747 cm)
Mixing Chamber Length 239" (607 cm)
Overall Width - Mixer Only (No Discharge) 119" (302 cm)
Number of Augers 2
PTO Drive Direct-drive
PTO Protection Electric-disconnect
Knives per Auger (Standard / Maximum) 5/7
Auger Diameter 104" (264 cm)
Lower Auger Flighting Thickness 3/4" (1.9 cm)
Upper Auger Flighting Thickness 5/8" (1.6 cm)
Unit Weight Min. 21,900 (9,950 kg) - Max. 24,800 lbs (11,250 kg)
Weighing System 4-Point
Side Door Opening Size 42" x 40" (107 x 102 cm)
Rear Door Opening Size 48" x 40" (112 x 102 cm)
Floor Thickness 1" (2.5 cm)
Sidewall Thickness 1/4" (0.6 cm)
Mounting Base Width 72" (183 cm)
Electric Motor Horsepower 200 hp (149 kW)
Electric Motor RPM 1,200 RPM
Motor Housing Drive enclosure
Cooling System Planetary cooling system with filtration

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