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Land Pride AR2596 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Land Pride AR2596 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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All Welded 4 x 4 Tubing Frame Makes for a very strong frame.
4 x 4 x 5/16 Tongue With Clevis Hitch Built heavy duty to withstand side loads from the tines.
Forged & Heat Treated Through Steel Tines Forged and heat treated tines are very resistant to wear and breakage giving them a long life.
Tines Tines are designed with a twist to lift while fracturing the soil sideways.
Bolt-on Tines (2 Bolts Per Tine) Tines are easily replaceable with 2 bolts per tine.
8" Maximum Tine Penetration Great penetration for aerating the soil. (Actual penetration depth is dependent on ground condition and added weight.)
Heavy Duty Rotary Tine Hangers Designed to stand up to the rigors of hard rocky soil.
Bearings Are Protected With 3/8" Skid Shoes on 3-Sides Protects bearings against hitting solid objects such as rocks and stumps. (Skid shoe protection is located on the front, bottom and back sides of bearings)
Adjustable Rotors Rotors can be adjusted from 2 1/2, 5 and 7 1/2 degrees to meet customers needs. The greater the angle the harsher the shattering of soil.
7 1/2" Tine Spacing (4/per Spool)
AR2596 = 48 Tines Total
AR2510 = 64 Tines Total
Tines spaced 7 1/2" apart provides good coverage.
Optional Weights Constructed of
740 lbs. Concrete Blocks With
Lifting Lugs Built In
AR2596 accepts up to 3 concrete blocks and AR2510 accepts up to 4 concrete blocks. Helps Aerator tines penetrate the ground.
Optional Harrow Lift Package Lifts the Drag Harrow off the ground for transporting on roadways.
Accessory Drag Harrow Provides a means to smooth out the ground behind the Aerator. Drag Harrow has three positions it can be used: Drag Mat, Light Penetration & Deep Penetration.
Accessory Trailing Hitch Hitch is self leveling for pulling implements behind the Aerator.


Model AR2596
Horsepower requirements 40 - 250 hp
Working width 7' - 2"
Overall width 8' - 1 3/8"
Overall length 10' - 11"
Overall height
(With tines on the ground)
41 1/4" Without concrete Blocks
43 7/8" With Optional Concrete Blocks
Weight (w/o added weight) 1,700 lbs
Tongue weight 490 lbs
Number of tines 24 LH and 24 RH (Four per hub)
Tine material Forged and heat treated through steel
Tine hub spacing 7 1/2"
Tine penetration Up to 8" (Depending on ground conditions and added weight)
Frame construction 4 x 4 tubing all welded construction
Hitch type Heavy duty pull type with clevis hitch
Receives up to 1 1/4" pin dia. (2-positions)
Main tongue beam 4" x 4" x 5/16" Wall tubing
Hitch jack Tongue support jack (5,000 lb. load rating)
(Stores on pull frame)
Rotor/tine support hangers Heavy Duty
Rotor bearings Heavy Duty greasable bearings with triple lip seals
Rotor bearing protection Bump Guards
Rotor angle adjustment Angles from 2 1/2, 5 & 7 1/2 degrees
Manual storage tube Included
Tires 2 ea., 9.5L x 15, 8 ply
Rims 6-bolt
Tine depth control Add cylinder donuts to cylinder rod - included
Hydraulic couplings Quick disconnects included
Hydraulic cylinder 3" x 8" stroke with 1 1/4" rod dia.
Transport lock Manual cylinder lock
Rear axle pivot Greasable
Concrete blocks 25" square x 18" high
Number of concrete blocks Available in quantities of 2 or 3
Weight per concrete block 740 lbs.
Lifting bar 1/2" Round bar built in concrete block
Drag Harrow See Drag Harrow Operator’s Manual 322-207M for a complete list of specifications.
(Order model DRG08 as a stand alone unit.)
Weight DRG08 = 185 lbs.
Settings Three positions: Light, Medium, and Aggressive
Drag Harrow Lift Can be added to lift Drag Harrow off the ground without getting off the tractor.
Drag Harrow sold separately.
Weight 345 lbs.
Hydraulic cylinder 2" x 8" stroke with 1 1/8" rod dia.
Transport lock Included
Slow moving vehicle sign Included
Trailing hitch Self leveling (Buy through Parts, part no. 325-118A)
Corner protector Protects straps from concrete corners (Buy through Parts, part no. 816-646C)

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