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Land Pride OFM3698 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Land Pride OFM3698 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Features Benefits
Multiple cutting widths 78", 90", & 98"
(200, 230, & 250 cm)
Wide selection of cutting widths to meet specific applications.
Wide range of tractor horsepower 75 hp to 130 hp
(52 kW to 75 kW)
Fits a large array of tractors to meet the needs of consumers, municipalities, and landscapers.
Spring-loaded, belt-tensioning system Belt tensioner system brings the belt to proper tension by turning a jam nut. Makes maintaining proper belt tension easy, and increases belt life.
High blade cutting capacity Hammer blade can cut up to 2" (5 cm) brush and small saplings
Reverse rotor rotation Brings the cut material up and over the rotor which allows it to be dispersed more evenly. Allows material to be shredded completely.
High blade tip speed Creates a vacuum effect, provides a clean cut, and slices through saplings with great force.
Five drive belts Five drive belts distributes the load evenly, which prevents the belts from jumping off the drive when a shock load occurs.
Offsets right The lateral arm allows the mower to be offset 49" (125 cm) to the right for a closer cut alongside buildings, fences, and roadsides.
It also allows the mower to be cutting in a ditch with the tractor traveling along side the ditch.
Rotor housing can be rotated from horizontal to 65° up or down Allows mowing along banks and in ditches without putting the tractor on steep inclining or declining surfaces.
Counter-blade (accessory) Assist shredding material into fine particles.
Replaceable skid shoes Prevents wear on end panels from ground contact.
Adjustable roller Provides precision cutting height between 1" and 2 3/4" (25 cm to 70 cm).


Horsepower 75-130 HP
Min. Tractor Weight 6,900 lbs.
Hitch Cat. 2
Weight - lb  2,205
Working Width (cm) 98" (249)
Transport Width (cm) 10' (3.05m)
Rotor Shaft Speed 1,858 RPM
Gearbox Rating 540 RPM
Driveline Cat. 3
Offset Hitch Right 49"
Rotate 65° Down, 90° Up
Blade Tip Speed 8,460 fpm
Hammer Blades - Qty 32
Rotor Diameter 6.5"
Rotor Rotation Reverse
Rotor Shaft Diameter 2"
Rotor Swing Diameter 18"
Min. Cutting Height 1"
Cutting Capacity 2"
Rear Roller Diameter 7.5"
Hood/Deck Thickness 8 Gauge
Skid Shoes Replaceable

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