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Land Pride RCM5715 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Land Pride RCM5715 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Color coded hydraulic hose handles provide easy hose identification. Tongue-mounted hose holder keeps hose tips out of the dirt.


Double deck wing-to-wing (10 gauge over 7 gauge), fully welded.


Self-leveling Performance Hitch™ with holding pin reduces drawbar wear and allows for one person hook-up.


LED lights are bright, long lasting and resistant to vibration, unlike the incandescent lights.


Easy-off shields and a patented sliding guard over the splitter gearbox make maintenance easy to perform.


Patented parallel pivot axle gives you unmatched ground contact for improved holding power on hills and inclines.


Patented convenient flip spacers speed height adjustment and eliminate the need for donut-style spacers which can easily be lost.


Patented Deck Armor™ is an additional layer of steel which increases durability reducing the possibility of deck damage from blade to deck contact without reducing cut quality.


Damaged side skirts are easily replaced. Replaceable skid shoes are full length and constructed of high-tensile AR400 steel for durability.


Model RC5715
Horsepower 60-250 HP
Hitch Pull-Type;
Constant Level Swivel Clevis,
LP Performance Self-Leveling,Ball,
Pintle, Bar-Tite
Working Width (cm) 15' (457)
Overall Width 16'
Min. Transport Width 7'3"
Overall Length 16'3"
Machine Weight - lb (kg) 5,880 

- Weight includes base unit, six 21" laminated tires, HD single
suspension center & wing axles, 540 CV Cat. 4 main driveline package, front & rear single
chain guards, single acting fold cylinders, constant level clevis hitch, and forged blade bar
with bolt-on dishpan blade carriers.

Cutting Height 1-1/2" - 16" **
Cutting Capacity 5" Diameter
Tongue Weight - lb 2,226
Max. Turning Angle 80˚ with CV
Deck Height 12"
Deck Thickness 7 Gauge Bottom, 10 Gauge Top
Suspension Various Options
Deck Rings Optional Deck Rings or Deck Armor™ Optional
Side Panel Thickness 1/4" Replaceable
Chain Guards Double Optional
Skid Shoes  AR400 Wings and Center,
Replaceable, Beveled
Blades 1/2" x 4" Uplift
Blade Bolt Keyed with Hardened
Flat washer & Lock Nut
540 Center 16,400 fpm
Wings 16,400 fpm
1000 Center 16,400 fpm
Wings 16,000 fpm
Blade Overlap 6"
Dishpan Forged Diamond Blade Bar;
Optional 3/16" Round Bolt-on Dishpan,
Optional HD Blade Bar & Dishpans
Wings 3" x 8"
Center 3-1/2" x 8"
Gearbox Rating^ 540 or 1000 RPM:
250 HP Divider,
225 HP Center & Wings
Gearbox Output Shaft 3"
Gearbox Input Shaft 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" 20 Spline
Input Driveline Cat. 6 CV
Connecting Drivelines Cat. 4 or Cat. 5 Slip-Clutch
Tires 21" or 26" Laminated

21" (53.3 cm) or 26" (66 cm) Laminated tires.
24" (61 cm) Used aircraft, foam filled tires.
25.5" (64.8 cm) 20 ply tires, foam filled or pneumatic.
29" (73.7 cm) Used aircraft tires.

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