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Land Pride SC4072 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Land Pride SC4072 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Features Benefits
Standard motor @ 15-26 gpm
High flow motor @ 27-43 gpm
Customer can choose one of two optional motors for the SC4060 or SC4072 cutter (standard and high flow). This allows the cutter to fit a wide variety of Skid Steers. Also the deck can be upgraded to a different motor when owner upgrades Skid Steer
Case drain Protects hydraulic motor.
1/4" Side panels for overall reinforcement Protects sides from debris being thrown against them from the blades.
Front and rear chain guards Single chain guards on the front and rear of deck. Reduces flying debris.
Replaceable skid shoes Protect side plate structure. Shoes are replaceable for convenience.
1/2" x 5" Heat-treated free-swinging blades Heat-treated blades offer longer life. Free-swinging blades protect from obstructions.
4" Diameter cutting capacity Can aid in clearing brush.
SC4072 High blade tip speed Standard motor = 17,345 fpm at 26 gpm.
High flow motor = 18,527 fpm at 43 gpm.
Optional front roller wheels Aid in the forward motion of the cutter and help protect against running the cutter frame into the ground. The rollers will also help in lengthening the life of the cutter’s front end skid shoes.
Motor pressure gauge Allows the operator to ensure that the motor is operating at proper psi.
Bi-directional blade rotation Customer can switch direction of blade rotation to utilize both sides of blades.
Height adjustment safety chain Provides additional operator protection from flying objects by allowing the Rotary Cutter to only be lifted up to 18".


Model Number SC4072
Cutter weight with skid shoes and without front roller wheels  lbs. (kg) 1634 (741.2)
Front roller wheels weight (Optional) 42 lbs. (19.1)
Protective door weight (Optional) 10 lbs. (4.5)
Hitch Welded on
Cutting width  in (m) 73.5 (1.87)
Overall width   in (m) 84.5 (2.15)
Overall length  in (m) 89 (2.26)
Cutting height  in (m) 1 1/2 to 18 (3.8 to 45.7) infinitely variable.
Cutting capacity  in (m) 4 (10.2) Diameter
Spindle hub oil capacity   0z (mL) 10 (296)
Spindle hub oil EP 80-90 wt. gearlube
Standard drive motor   gpm (lpm) 15-26 (56.8-98.4) flow
High volume drive motor   gpm (lpm) 27-43 (102.2-162.8) flow
Hydraulic pressure   psi (MPa) 1500 to 3500 (10.34 to 24.13)
Deck thickness  in (mm) 1/4 (6)
Side skirt construction   in (mm) 1/4 (6) Steel
Deck wear protection Four corner mounted skid shoes and two mid skid shoes
Skid shoes construction   in (mm) 3/8 (10) plate
Dishpan  in (mm) Heavy-duty round 5/8 (16) plate
Blade size    in (mm) 1/2 x 5 (1.3 x 12.7) bi-directional
Blade rotation Clockwise or counter clock wise
Blade Bolt 1 1/8"-12 x 3 7/16" with key
16-26 gpm motor blade tip speed     fpm (mps) gpm (lpm)
27-43 gpm motor blade tip speed     fpm (mps) gpm (lpm)
17345 (88.1) at 26 (98.4)
18,527 fpm (94.1) at 43 (162.8)
Front deck protection Single row chain guard
Rear deck protection Single row chain guard
Deck lift height protection Height adjustment safety chain
Front rollers (Optional) Welded round steel wheels

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