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Z200 Series ZD221

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Durable Kubota Gasoline Engine
The Kubota gasoline engine delivers durability and productivity like no other. Available in 22HP or 27HP, this reliable, air-cooled engine offers outstanding performance and quiet operation. Specifically designed for mowing, it features Kubota's clean-flow structure, which virtually eliminates the likelihood of grass clippings clogging the wide cooling air passages. Plus, with Its removable engine cover for easy access and a unique carburetor drain cock that simplifies seasonal storage, maintenance is simple and hassle-free.

Kubota Diesel Engine
Kubota diesel engines are known for their durability, high performance, energy efficiency and reliability. Their fuel efficiency, high torque, quiet operation and reduced emissions help you take on heavy mowing jobs for extended periods. And, whether it's our 21, 22 or 27-horsepower engine, it will exceed even the highest expectations of commercial landscapers.

Flexible Cover
The Z200 Series employ a flexible-yet-sturdy discharge cover to help prevent damage to shrubs and landscaping.

Pedal-Type Lift System
Elevate the mower deck and roll right over obstacles. The Z200 Series includes a hydraulic lift system that raises the deck with the simple push of a pedal. And, if necessary, a special one-touch lock allows you to keep the deck raised for transportation.

Operator Deck
Work in style and comfort. The spacious operator deck has an uncluttered floorboard to give you ample legroom.

Comfortable Seat
To make mowing tasks more comfortable, we've included a cushioned seat with sturdy, padded armrests. The adjustable seat also features an attached seatbelt for your protection.

Pro Commercial Mower Deck
The Z200 Series feature heavy-duty, 48"/54" Pro Commercial mower decks designed to maximize cutting performance. The 6°-deep, double V-belt decks feature a unique baffling system that improves airflow to discharge grass clippings, and an anti-overflow system that reduces grass spillage and helps give lawns that well manicured look.

Optional Mulching System
These Pro Commercial mower decks are perfect for mulching, even on thick grass. Kubota's unique flow plate design optimizes airflow to allow repeated cutting, and the special mulching blades provide an extra-fine cut to leave a beautiful finish.

Stamped Mower Deck
For an economical choice, the ZG222-48S is equipped with a 5"-deep stamped mower deck.

Easy Maintenance
Maintaining your Z200 Series doesn't get easier. The seat panel lifts up for quick access to the HST. Routine maintenance Is easy-Just open the hood. The maintenance hatch on the operator platform makes upper mower access a snap. For a complete view, all three can be opened at the same time. Plus, a dual-element air cleaner is also included. Kubota's optional tilt-up lift feature is also available for routine maintenance undeneath the mower.

Underside Maintenance
For easy access to the upper mower, mower belts and universal joint, the Z200 Series features a convenient maintenance hatch built into the operator's platform.

Optional Maintenance Lift
Kubota's innovative two-pin, tilt-up, lift feature allows the front of the Z200 Series to be easily raised without having to remove the mid-mount mower, making routine maintenance underneath the mower quick and simple. It's like having a built-in Jack right flare when you need It.

With the user friendly instrument panel, Kubota keeps essential controls and Indicators close for easy access and viewing. They're all here-warning indicator, fuel gauge and more.

Kubota Z200 specs

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