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Kubota Service

Kubota ServiceWestern Implement Company are committed to providing quality service to meet our customers’ various needs.

Western Implement Company's technicians are linked to Kubota’s state-of-the-art on-line Service Center that allows them to access technical information. They are also given extensive hands-on training from factory trained instructors to develop and maintain their knowledge and skills of providing you with timely and accurate diagnoses and repairs whenever needed. Our goal is to serve our customers in an efficient, professional manner.



Maintenance Schedules




Your Kubota equipment has been designed and built with your safety in mind. A tractor and its attachments, however, are unable to control their own operation or choose the environment in which they work. The ultimate responsibility for safe operation lies with you, the operator. We at Kubota wish you safe operating!


The use of rollover protective structures (ROPS), and a fastened seatbelt, has saved many lives.
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Kubota Attachment Safety

Tractor attachments can be either very useful and labor saving or potentially dangerous, if not handled with special care.
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Safety Data Sheets

Learn about the hazards and risks related to the use and handling of certain substances.
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Safety Notices

Find any safety notices or recall information for your Kubota.
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Nobody plans an accident – and that's exactly why safety should always be top of mind when operating any piece of machinery. Use these resources to help educate yourself and your family about proper use of Kubota equipment.




As part of our commitment to quality and reliability, Kubota provides comprehensive warranty coverage on every new Kubota. The Kubota Tractor Corporation Warranty Department provides customers coverage and support through a network of more than 1,100 authorized Kubota dealers nationally. Any necessary repairs and claims are conducted by and administered through this network of authorized Kubota dealers.

Kubota Limited Warranty

Every new product comes with standard warranty coverage. Find the length of the standard warranty coverage for each new Kubota.
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Kubota Orange Protection Program

Purchasing the Kubota Orange Protection Program gives you extended coverage, without interruption, for one or two years.
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Warranty Support

Warranty support is provided through a network of more than 1,100 authorized Kubota dealers nationally.



Seasonal Tips


  • Keep the machine and supply of fuel in locked storage and remove the ignition key to prevent children, or others, from playing or tampering with them.
  • To avoid sparks from an accidental short circuit, always disconnect the battery's ground cable (negative terminal) first and reconnect it last.
  • Do not store the machine with fuel in the tank inside a building where fumes may ignite. Turn the fuel shut-off valve to the "closed" position (if equipped). Drain all fuel from tank and carburetor (if equipped). Allow the engine to cool before s
  • To avoid the danger of exhaust fume poisoning, do not operate the engine in a closed building without adequate ventilation.
  • To reduce fire hazards, clean the machine thoroughly before storage. Dry grass and leaves around the engine and mufflers may ignite.



If you intend to store your machine for an extended period of time, follow the procedures outlined below. These procedures will ensure the machine is ready to operate with minimum preparation when it is removed from storage.

  • Check for loose bolts and nuts and tighten, if necessary.
  • Apply grease to machine areas where bare metal will rust. Also, apply grease to pivot areas.
  • Inflate the tires to a pressure a little higher than usual.
  • Change the engine oil and run the engine for about five minutes to circulate oil throughout the engine block and internal moving parts.
  • With all implements lowered to the ground, coat any exposed hydraulic cylinder piston rods with grease.
  • Remove the battery from the machine. Store the battery following the battery storage procedures.
  • Keep the machine in a dry place and sheltered from rain. Cover the machine.
  • Store the machine indoors in a dry area protected from sunlight and excessive heat. If the machine must be stored outdoors, cover it with a waterproof tarpaulin.
  • Jack the machine up and place blocks under the front and rear axles so that all four tires are off the ground. Keep the tires out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.


Important: When washing the machine, be sure to stop the engine and allow sufficient time for the engine to cool before washing. Cover the machine after the muffler and engine have cooled down.


  • Check the tire air pressure and inflate the tires if they are low.
  • Jack the machine up and remove the support blocks.
  • Install the battery. Before installing the battery, make sure it is fully charged.
  • Check the fan belt tension.
  • Check all fluid levels (engine oil, transmission/hydraulic oil, engine coolant and any attached implements).
  • Start the engine. Observe all gauges. If all gauges are functioning properly and reading normal, move the machine outside.
  • Once outside, park the machine and let the engine idle for at least five minutes.
  • Shut the engine off and walk around machine and make a visual inspection looking for evidence of oil or water leaks.
  • With the engine fully warmed up, release the parking brake and test the brakes for proper adjustment as you move forward. Adjust the brakes as necessary.


CAUTION! To avoid personal injury: Do not clean the machine with engine running. To avoid the danger of exhaust fume poisoning, do not operate the engine in a closed building without proper ventilation. When storing, remove the key from the key switch to avoid unauthorized persons from operating the machine and getting injured.

Farm & Ranch Supplies

Our hardware department offers a wide selection of STIHL Power Equipment, fencing, irrigation supplies, and quality power and hand tools. We also have a full-service tack shop and western clothing department. So as you can see we are your one-stop-shop for all of your farming, ranching, and residential needs. Plus, we service all of the equipment we sell in our small engine repair shop. Our mechanics hold several certifications including STIHL silver or gold, Honda, Kohler, Briggs and ExMark. 

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