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With AccuShot, you can easily select a precise dose of fertilizer per seed. You can also specify the fertilizer’s exact distance from the individual seed—the sweet spot. All this control gives you options you never had before: Full Load, High Salt, Soil Test, No Waste, Variable Rate and Consistency.


Our integrated console gives you complete control. You select the desired fertilizer rate and input-to-seed proximity. Warns you of any problem. ISO11783-compatible.


Each row has a sensor. Each sensor sends a message to the solenoid controller when one kernel of corn passes through the standard seed tube.


Each 12-volt, high-speed solenoid valve injects a predetermined and metered amount of liquid into the pressurized fertilizer tube at each row.


Calculates the precise delay between each seed drop and its fertilizer delivery. Fires individual solenoids for each row.


Each valve opens instantly when the solenoid valve deposits the liquid into the fertilizer tube. Dispenses exact dose of fertilizer behind or directly on the seed.


Wireless key fob gives you control in and out of the cab by letting you cycle individual row units at any time before, during and after planting. The fob is a handy way to turn row pumps on and off which allows you to check each row in muddy areas and blow out any blockages if needed. It also makes end-of-season cleanout with water quick and easy.


Simple centrifugal pump with strainer and wet boom plumbing. Does not wear like a traditional 2x2 applicator. No disc blades to replace, no tines to plug.



Sample Specifications

Min Rate*

2.6 gpa (24 l/ha)

Max Rate*

9.0 gpa (84 l/ha)

Min squirt length*

1.5 in (38 mm)

Max squirt length*

4 in (102 mm)

Typical boom pressure

30 psi (2.07 bar)

Optional mounted liquid tanks

2-200 gal (2-757 l)

Optional semi-mount liquid tanks

Compatible with 500 gal (1893 l), 735 gal (2782 l), and 1000 gal (3785 l) tanks

*Example Given: 5.5mph (8.85kph), 30" (76cm) Twin-Row spacing, 35,000 seeds per acre (86,5000 seeds per hectare).
See website for complete application chart. Specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Farm & Ranch Supplies

Our hardware department offers a wide selection of STIHL Power Equipment, fencing, irrigation supplies, and quality power and hand tools. We also have a full-service tack shop and western clothing department. So as you can see we are your one-stop-shop for all of your farming, ranching, and residential needs. Plus, we service all of the equipment we sell in our small engine repair shop. Our mechanics hold several certifications including STIHL silver or gold, Honda, Kohler, Briggs and ExMark. 

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