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Kuhn DOMINATOR 4860-13 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Kuhn DOMINATOR 4860-13 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Adjustable, hydraulic constant-flow 25” diameter coulters, with 8” spacing, are indexed to each sub-soil shank maintaining a uniform cutting pressure across varying soil and heavy residue. A new heavy-duty scraper bar weldment prevents residue and wet soil from building between coulter blades. Coulters are indexed so a single blade is operating on each side of the subsoil shank. Increase the coulter hydraulic down pressure for a blacker, rougher field finish or decrease coulter down pressure for a smaller clod size with an extremely level field finish. Coulter gangs are mounted with Rock-Flex bearing arms for added protection. Coulters feature PEER® TILLXTREME™ maintenance-free bearings.

Shank Spacing

Subsoil shanks on 24” spacing provide optimum cut widths for available horsepower per foot of cut. This double-rank design allows for a minimum of 48” between adjoining shanks for maximum “no-plug” residue and soil flow.



Compaction reduction and subsoil maintenance are accomplished through 3,000-pound point load, auto-reset subsoil shanks. Shanks are equipped with Double K™ ripper points and offer a maximum operating depth of 16 inches.

Double K™ Points

Double K ripper points double the wear life of prior KUHN Krause Dominator fabricated steel and carbide-capped ripper points. Solid casting increases durability in rocky conditions. Choose between the 26.5-pound, 7” wing ripper point and the 22-pound, 2.5” straight ripper point.


Rear Disc Conditioner

Left and right sections of the rear disc conditioner are configured in a reverse tandem design that first moves soil inward, then outward in opposite directions, to aggressively mix and bury residue, size large clods and level the soil. The disc conditioner is hydraulically controlled with a lower limit adjustment valve. Uniform 12” spacing is maintained with individually mounted, 24” fluted, shallow concavity blades. Disc conditioner blade configuration offers a level field finish while functioning within a wide range of operating speeds. Individual rear disc conditioner blade assemblies use a proven sealed bearing with a 5-bolt hub for blade attachment.

Heavy-Duty 24/7® Conditioning Reel

Choice of heavy-duty round bar or heavy-duty flat bar reel with PEER® TILLXTREME™ maintenance-free bearing assemblies mounted on heavy-duty ductile cast bearing arms provides aggressive clod sizing and soil firming. Hydraulic control for reel lift is standard.


 Model 4860-13
Transport Width (ft/m) 17'9"/ 5.4 m
Transport Height (ft/m) 13'6"/4.1 m 
Frame Type Folding 3-section
Number of Shanks 11
Shank Spacing (in/cm) 24 / 61
Working Width (ft/m) 26 / 7.9
Approximate Shipping Weight Less Reel Option (lb/kg) 32,308 / 14655
Approximate Shipping Weight with Reel Option (lb/kg) 34,125 / 15479
Hitch Type CAT IV Articulating Ball Hitch for 2" Pin
Tongue Type Guardian Hitch™ (Cushion Tongue)
Depth Control Single Point Hydraulic Depth Control
Hydraulics Color Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, All Hydraulic Hoses
Coulter Blades 25" x 1/4" Smooth
Coulter Gangs 8 inch spacing, Adjustable Constant Flow Hydraulic, Heavy-Duty 6" Bell Diameter Ductile Iron Spools, 1-3/4" Diameter Round Alloy Tie Rod with Maintenance-Free PEER® TILLXTREME™ Bearings, C-Type Rock-Flex Bearing Arms 1-1/4" x 2-1/2"
Shanks 3,000lb Point Load Spring Reset Parabolic Sub-Soil Shank, 1-1/4 x 4" Shank Size with Wear Bar, 21" Trip Height, 39" Underframe Clearance, 16" Working Depth
Points Double K™, Chromium Carbide, 7" Winged Ripper Points
Main Frame Wheels Four 440/55 R18 Metric Tires, Walking Beams, Slip-In Spindles, Maintenance-Free Spherical Bearings, 8-Bolt Heavy Duty Hubs
Wing Frame Wheels (1) 360/65R17.5 per Wing 8-Bolt Hub
Hydraulic Controlled Rear Disc Conditioner 24" x 6 gauge, Fluted Shallow Concavity Disc Blades, 12" Blade Spacing, Remote Single-Point Hydraulic Lower Limit Stop, Reversed Tandem Design
Rear Conditioning Reel 24/7® Soil Conditioning with Float Position, Heavy-Duty Round Bar Spiral Reels, PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings
Hydraulic Controlled Conditioning Reel Yes
Transport Locks and Safety Hydraulic Valves, Transport and Wing fold, Slow Moving Sign, High Visibility LED Lighting
Hitch Type CAT V Articulating Ball Hitch for 2-3/4" Pin
Tongue Type Mechanical Adjustable, Self-Leveling Tongue
Points Double K™, 2-1/2" Cast Chromium Carbide, Straight Ripper Point
Rear Conditioning Reel None
Rear Conditioning Reel 24/7® Soil Conditioning with Float Position, Heavy-Duty Flat Bar Spiral Reels, PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings
Hydraulic Controlled Conditioning Reel None

Recommended Tractor Power Range (PTO hp/ft; kW/m)

390 - 520 / 954 - 1272
Recommended Working Depth (in/cm) 8 - 16 / 20 - 40
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 4 - 7 / 6 - 11

Product specifications are based on published information at the time of publication.
Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.
Contact your local KUHN Dealer for more information.

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