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Land Pride HD25 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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Land Pride HD25 for sale at Western Implement, Colorado

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3-Point Cat. 1 or 2 Hitch Fits a wider variety of tractors by fitting Cat. 1 & 2.
Bucket Mount Option Easily bolt mounting plate to the side of the front loader bucket, and use the bucket to help push the auger into the ground
3-Point yoke: 2 7/8" O.D. 3/16" wall thickness for strength and durability.
3-Point boom:
Reinforced 3 1/2" O.D.
7/32" Wall thickness reinforced with 3/8" x 2" bar makes for a strong boom.
Large selection of augers Variety of Dirt Auger and Rock Auger sizes and styles to suit many applications.
Large selection of Bolt-on
Rock Heads (accessory)
All sizes of Land Pride HD25 and HD35 Pengo Dirt Augers can be converted to Rock
Augers with this accessory.
Auger flighting Constant thickness on 1/4" flighting vs. tapered.
Replaceable cast alloy steel
point with 3 fishtail tips
3 Fishtail tips will last 50% longer than 2 tips. Cast alloy steel point can easily be replaced
when worn or damaged.
Replaceable dual angle teeth Dual angle teeth can be changed from 40° to 50° to increase attack angle. Teeth can easily
be replaced when worn or damaged.
25 Series Use with hydraulic systems that pump at 5 –12 GPM, at 1500 – 3500 PSI.
35 Series Use with hydraulic systems that pump at 10-25 GPM, at 1500 – 3500 PSI.
2" Output shaft 2" Handles torque loads that can be transmitted from hard ground. Fairly standard size for
the industry, fits many competitive augers.
Hydraulic hose Standard on 3-point Post Hole Diggers and skid/loader mount Post Hole Diggers.
Optional on bucket mount Post Hold Diggers due to distance varying on tractor models.
6", 9", 12", & 18" Diameter
auger options
Wide range of auger diameters to choose from.
48" Auger Length Auger is provided in industry standard length.


Model HD25
Mount Type 3-Point Mount/Skid/Loader Mount/Bucket Mount
Hydraulic hoses Standard/Standard/Optional
Maximum auger RPM 101 RPM
Gallons per minute rating 5 -12 GPM @ 1500 to 3500 PSI
Max torque @ 2500 PSI 700 ft-lbs
Weight with 6" auger 235 lbs./268 lbs./170 lbs.
Auger length 48"
Auger flighting thickness 1/4"
Auger pipe 2 1/2" dia.
Auger teeth Forged, individually replaceable
40 Degree angle installed on flat side
50 Degree angle installed on angled side
Number of teeth (6" - 2 teeth) (9" & 12" - 4 teeth) (15" - 5 teeth) (18" - 6 teeth) (24" - 10 teeth)
Pilot Cast steel, 3 drill points
Auger drive Hydraulic
Gearbox 3.18:1 Ratio
Gearbox oil capacity & type 4.7 Pints of gear lube 80-90W EP
Output shaft on gearbox 2" O.D. round
Hitch type 3-Point Cat I or II/ Skid/Loader Mount/Bucket Mount
Yoke 2 7/8" O.D.
Boom Reinforced
3 1/2" O.D.
Options and Accessories
Auger extensions (Accessory 7" and 14" extensions available
Dirt Auger sizes (Option) 6", 9", 12", 15", or 18"
Bolt-on Rock Head (Accessory) 6", 9", 12", 15", or 18"
Rock Auger sizes (Option) 6", 9", 12", 15", or 18"
Tree Auger size 24"
Hydraulic hoses Not applicable
Down Pressure Kit
Storage stand Available

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